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Honeyfire Literary Magazine (Issue 3: Plastic Minds)

Release: January 18, 2021
Isolated and Torn from Anxiety in Isolation

The Plastic Minds issue of Honeyfire Literary Magazine is an exploration of mental illness and mental health in all of its forms. The issue was a fundraiser for UK-based mental health charity, Mind. Contributors include Lauren Poole, Spencer Tracy, Gina Bowen, Jillian Richardson, Kristiana Reed, Gaspar Borges, Vanshika Randev, James Kingdom, Akissi Nzambi, Cait Thomson, J.M. Chadwick, Amanda Baker, and more.



Pages Penned in Pandemic: A Collective

Release: January 18, 2021
Publisher: Kayla King Books
Published: "Eat" and "The Sad End of a Rainbow" (poetry)

Pages Penned in Pandemic: A Collective, an anthology from editors Kayla King and Justin Maher, is a culmination of the works writers have created amidst the spectrum of emotions created by the global COVID-19 pandemic.  
Contributors include Anthony Leiner, Ash Slade, Corey Miller, Daphne Daugherty, John Lambremont, Sr., Kevin Lankes, Louis Faber, Olaitan Humble, Pam R. Johnson Davis, and Shannon Frost Greenstein and more.

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Soon, A New Day: From Tribulation to Celebration

Release: January 17, 2021
Publisher: Quillkeepers Press
Published: "Mordecai" (short story)

Quillkeepers Press anthology Soon, A New Day celebrates new beginnings and rebirth, with short stories and poetry from 35 writers from all over the world. Contributors include Nicole Haswell, Chris Klein, R.H. Alexander, Fara Tucker, Richard Merli, Zachary Dilks, Meresa Harley, Asher Phoenix, and more.

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Pluviophile: Digital Mental Health Anthology

Release: October 17, 2020
Publisher: Dark Poets Club
Published: "'The Making of Me" (poetry)

Edited by poet Christopher Sedgwick, Pluviophile is a poetic collective curated to raise awareness for mental health issues and contribute to correlated charities. Featuring over 100 poets, contributors to the volume include Katherine Bradford, Rhiannon Ward, Sian Marie, Ruth Cowell, Tracey Afia Agyeiwaa-Piasare, Shannon Sharpe, Natasha Huynh, Arun Jeetoo, Caitriona Comerford, Alice Richmond, Shari Dunlop, Avyn Gray, and more.

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Capsule Stories: Isolation Edition

Release: April 22, 2020
Publisher: Capsule Stories
Published: "'A Letter to a Stranger" (prose)

Capsule Stories: Isolation Edition features poetry, stories, and essays highlighting the feelings and tales during the Coronavirus pandemic to provide the reader with the knowledge that we are not alone during this uncertain time. Contributors include Iona Murphy, Isabella J. Mansfield, Kendra Nuttall, Daniel Edward Moore, Steve Denehan, Jane Ellen Glasser, Amy Shimson-Santo, Mary DeCarlo, Diana Clark, and more.

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